Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary is a small nature reserve in the heart of Pretoria. The main attraction is a large hide which overlooks a small dam on the Walker Spruit. The dam, in spite of the closeness to the business activities in the greater Brooklyn area, is home to a large number of water birds. The hide itself is geared towards photography, with many openings through which the birds can be viewed at close quarters. As the birds are fed to keep them there, they have become used to people being around.

The entrance to the hide with the exhibition hall on the left and the dam on the right

A view of the dam with the weir on the Walker Spruit on the right

The walkway to the hide

A view of the hide from the walkway

Strategically placed viewing ports on the walkway

Looking through one of the viewing ports

A photographer in the hide

Guided walks can be arranged, but the hide is of most interest. The Blue Crane Restaurant also overlooks the dam.

A view of the Blue Crane Restaurant

Inside the exhibition hall

Here are a few shots that I have taken in the sanctuary.

Bronze Mannikin

Red Bishop Male

Red Bishop Female

Tawnyflanked Prinia

Whitefaced Whistling Duck

Knobbilled Duck

Crowned Crane

Pictures of a Black Egret Tenting were also taken in the Reserve.

More pictures can be found in my Fotki repository.