Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger T6: checking oil levels

Normally, oil levels can be checked at any time, which is usually at a filling station when refuelling. With the Ranger, this does not work as the oil gets pumped/splashed away from the vicinity of the dipstick when the engine is running. The following photos demonstrate this.

Oil level on dipstick after engine was off overnight

Oil on dipstick after vehicle was started and allowed to idle for 30s

Oil on dispstick after vehicle had travelled about 10km, including some freeway driving

The normal oil check method was used in all pictures:

  • engine off;
  • remove dipstick;
  • wipe dipstick;
  • reinsert dipstick;
  • remove dipstick and check oil level.

From these pictures, it can be seen that the oil must be checked before starting the vehicle after it has been standing for a while. It is pointless to check the oil at a filling station.

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