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Unfortunately, this game is no longer available from the Google Play Store. I have tried contacting the developer, but she has not responded. It is, however, still available for Apple devices.

The game was still available on 3 June 2020, when I installed it on my "new" Note 8. It disappeared sometime in July.

(updated: 18 September 2020)

Killer Sudoku

Killer sudoku is a novel form of sudoku puzzles. Instead of being given direct numerical clues in the puzzle (as with normal sudoku), clues are given indirectly, much in the same way as in Kakuro or Mathdoku puzzles. Outlined regions in the puzzle each have a number on them. This outlined region is known as a cage (for brevity I will call this cage number CN). Numbers can be entered into the cells in the cage in such a way that they add up to CN and obey the rules of sudoku. In doing this, one creates one's own set of sudoku clues to solve the puzzle.

Other useful terminology used in killer sudoku is Row, Column and Nonet (a set of nine cells on a standard sudoku board) The numbers in the cells in a row, a column and a nonets are always unique and always add up to 45. This is the guiding principle in solving a killer sudoku puzzle.

The object of this note is not a tutorial on how to solve killer sudoku puzzles, but rather on how to use the killer sudoku app available on both Android and i-devices, by Megafauna Software (unfortunately, their website does not even mention their own killer sudoku app, so I have not included a link). For info on solving killer sudoku puzzles, try a site such as Sudoku Solver.

The business model used by Megafauna is one where you are presented with a few free puzzles, to try out, then you need to buy puzzle packs if you wish to continue using the app.

My intention with this note is to try and show what works for me (and more importantly, what doesn't) in the app.

I tried to do this note on a single page, but it became too monolithic, so I have had to split it up into several pages.

Apart from the gripes I have mentioned in the links above, I enjoy using the app. I also do not think the puzzles are overly expensive. The given levels of some of the puzzles is way off. Some puzzles in Hard should be in Easy, and at least one of the puzzles in Easy should be in Extra Hard.

Highly Recommended.

(updated: 6 April 2019)


I have been using this app extensively since October last year and thought I would share how I have actually improved in solving this type of puzzle. I have completed most of the puzzles (more than 300 per level) that I purchased on my Samsung Tab A 10.1", and recently installed the app on my older Samsung Note 10.1" (N8000). After completing more than 150 puzzles per level on Easy, Medium and Hard on the Note 10.1", it's interesting to compare my stats from the two devices.

Stats from the Tab A on the left and from the Note 10.1" on the right

My Killer Sudoku puzzle solving abilities have definately improved :)

(updated: 2 September 2019)