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I prefer playing the Android version of Sudoku Enjoy Sudoku on my tablet, but sometimes when waiting for something on my PC, such as a large download, Ksudoku fills the gap admirably.

Unfortunarely, the standard Ksudoku themes are horrible for anyone who is serious about sudoku - they are way too distracting. A good while back, I found a theme called the Ksudoku Clean Theme which worked well for me. I tried to get the Ksudouku dev to include this in the Ksudoku build, but he was worried about copyright, so wouldn't include it. The Clean Theme seems to have disappeared from the Web and with Kubuntu 18.04, the way in which the Ksudoku themes are handled seems to have changed. Also, with the upgrade, the Clean Theme was deleted from my system - this did not occur with any upgrade since at least version 12.04.

The Abstraction Theme

The Egyptian Theme

The Scribble Theme

As you can see from the above screenshots, the puzzle boards are very busy and when you move the cursor around, all kinds of animations occur. For me, this was the big distraction.

Fortunately, I still had copies of the files for the Clean Theme in the /home partition on my PC.

Inspecting the files in the directory /usr/share/ksudoku/themes, I found that all three files associated with a theme shared the same extensions as the Clean Theme files that I had. However, the file names of the PNG files were different. They were ksudoku-theme.png, they appeared to now be theme-preview.png. Previously, the PNG image was a 256x256 pixel sudoku board, whereas it was now a 300x206 pixel section of the board.

I resized the ksudoku-clean.png image to 300x206 pixels and renamed it clean-preview.png, then copied all three files to /usr/share/ksudoku/themes. The theme was available when I restarted Ksudoku and worked as expected.

The Clean Theme

As you can see from the above image the Clean Theme is what it says: clean and thus free from distractions.

In the theme settings of the Ksudoku app, the clean preview was not available, editing the file ksudoku-clean.desktop to point to clean-preview.png fixed this. I then replaced the clean-preview.png with a 300x206 pixel crop of the above image to bring it into line with the other themes.

For anyone interested in the Clean Theme, the files can be found in this zip file. Download and extract them and use sudo to copy them to /usr/share/ksudoku/themes.

Thanks to Aqualung, whoever he or she might be, for creating this theme and making it freely available back in 2009. A reference to the original set of files can be found in this thread on the openSuse forums.

(updated: 11 April 2020)