Street Candids

These pictures were taken off-campus, usually surreptitiously to get the girls without a forced, smile-for-the-camera look. Not all of them were taken in a street setting, but usually were taken without the subject knowing.

Most of the pictures shown here were taken with a Canon 350d and the 18-55mm kit lens or the Sigma 18-125mm lens.

A very attractive young lady, but the lip-ring put me off...

So in this shot of her smiling, I edited the ring out!


Rojeanne (and no, she is not nude!)

Cara (and she is not nude either!)



Jean (I called her as I pressed the shutter)

Mariante from Maloneys


A student in Heidelberg

At a pizza place on the way to Trier

A waitress preparing for her patrons in Bernkastel

A Turkish professor of Mathematics presenting a paper at a conference in Istanbul (available light)

Sony F707

The serving wenches at the Star Diner

Chantelle from the Star Diner

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