University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria has a very pretty campus, with many of the buildings worthy photographic subjects. Over the years I have built up quite a sizeable collection of photographs taken on the campuses of the University. As far as possible, I tried to take these photos over the weekend (or during vacs), so as to minimise the number of people in the pictures. As the it is the largest residential university in South Africa, this is not always possible.

Main Campus

The Old Arts Building at night - one of the most photographed buildings on the campus

An old Buick in front of The Old Arts Building

The entrance to the old library

A relief carving in front of the old library

The Human Sciences Building from the student centre

The flame at the entrance to the Human Sciences Building

The Human Sciences Building, with the clock tower of the Old Arts Building, and flowering jacarandas (taken from the Physics Department)

The Engineering Building

The Engineering Building taken from the Old Arts Building

A jacaranda avenue with the Geography Building on the left and the Old Arts Building on the right

Economic Sciences Building

Economic Sciences Building

The University Chapel

Kya Rosa

Kya Rosa was the original home of the Transvaal University College, situated in central Pretoria. The house was recreated on the corner of Lynnwood and Roper Streets at the main entrance to the university.

Kya Rosa (entrance)

The north side of Kya Rosa

The stoep (verandah) of Kya Rosa

Groenkloof Campus

Groenkloof Campus

I have also taken some infrared photographs on the university campus.