Klapperkop Zebras

In 2010 (just before the soccer world cup in South Africa), the Tshwane Municipality introduced some non-dangerous species of game to the Klapperkop region south of Pretoria.

Since they were introduced, I have been trying to get pictures of these animals with the city as a backdrop. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you may go for weeks without even seeing them.

As the road through the area is very popular with cyclists, joggers and folks just after the view, when you do get to see these animals, they are very used to people and do pose quite well!

Finally, I got them in the position I wanted!

It has taken me ages to wait for the zebras to be in the position that I wanted. Unfortunately, on this occasion, I did not have my SLR with me, so had to make do with a shot from the cellphone. Here again, one can see how tame these animals are. I was less than two metres from them (on foot) when I took the shot.

(8 December 2017)

In this picture, I have almost achieved the effect of having the city as the perfect backdrop!

This picture should have had the main campus of the University of Pretoria in the background, but unfortunately, the zebras weren't too interested in my experiments!

(23 January 2015)

Zebras in the Mist

Showing just how tame these zebras have become!

Notice that the central mare must be almost ready to foal

The backdrop here is the Monument Park Golf Course.

(19 January 2015)