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South African Coronavirus Resource Portal

Useful information for South African citizens can be found on the SA government's coronavirus portal.

I have moved most of my photos from Smugmug to Fotki. As a result some image links may not work. Please bear with me as I update the links. (See my Photography page for more info.)

My speciality is checking the usabilty of your website. Most developers charge you a fortune to build your site, but have no idea how the end user actually perceives the workings of the site. If that user has a problem manipulating the site, you could have lost a potential customer.

I certainly do hope you can figure out how to email me!

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About the site

The blogs are the rantings of a deranged person.

The bowls section was a service that I did for two clubs that I was involved with. I owned and actively maintained the Harlequins website, even after I left the club, but club politics got a bit much for me, so I let the subscription and domain name lapse. I have decided to close most of the pages. I will put up a gallery and other pages, which need no maintenance, for both bowls clubs. Other pages have been updated and moved to this domain.

The pages here are all handcoded CSS and HTML. The menu used here is pure CSS from LINE25. The page layout is loosely based on CSS from Dynamic Drive.

This site does not store cookies, nor use Google's advertising. I have put a link to certain sites in the footer bars of the pages - I receive no remuneration for this.