Alan's Interesting Photographs


I have been extremely interested in photography since very young and like recording things that I see. My interests are very wide, but one thing that I really have no interest in is wedding photography - I think it is a sham and a scam!

My first digital camera was a Sony F-707. When I decided to replace my film SLRs with digital, I went the Canon route as I preferred the specs of the 350d to the equivalent Nikon, when it was released. Currently, I use a 7d (purchased when the 7d Mk2 was released as there was a massive price reduction), which replaced a 40d.

Many of my digital photos are on Smugmug (see update below) Fotki. I have resized those photos to a maximum of 1000 pixels on their widest border to prevent theft by unscrupulous people found wondering around the Internet. You are welcome to use my pictures on your own websites, but please do refer back to me with a link.

Update: Smugmug

I used Smugmug as a repository for my photos which I shared on the web almost since its inception. One of the nice things that they had was a "grandfathering" clause, by which early Smugmug members would not be subjected to price increases. This year (2017), they increased their fees by 40% and discarded the grandfathering clause without any notification. As a matter of principal, I decided to move my photos from their repository to Fotki. Fotki may not have all the bells and whistles of Smugmug, but they are a whole lot cheaper. Please bear with me as some links may still point to Smugmug.

Infrared Photography

Using the Sony F707 for Infrared Photography.

(updated: 30 October 2020)


University of Pretoria campus.

(updated: 30 October 2020)


Spring and early summer means it's jacaranda time in Pretoria. Read more...

(updated: 23 October 2020)

Student Candids

Pictures taken around the campus of the University of Pretoria. Read more...

(updated: 11 May 2018)

Street Candids

Pictures taken off the campus.

(updated: 11 May 2018)

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary

A small nature reserve in urban Pretoria.

(updated: 27 April 2018)


Metamorphosis of a Death's Head Hawk Moth.

(updated: 25 April 2018)

Bakubung Sunrise

Some photos taken before sunrise at Bakubung in the Pilanesberg. Read more...

(updated: 19 April 2018)


I am a nutter for clouds and reflections. Here are some of my cloud pictures. Read more...

(updated: 17 February 2018)

Klapperkop zebras

The zebras introduced into the Klapperkop reserve make for some interesting photographic opportunities. Read more...

(updated: 9 December 2017)

Milky Way

Taking pictures of the night sky has its own set of difficulties. Read more...

(updated: 26 October 2017)

Against the light

Interesting effects from pictures taken against a light source. Read more...

(updated: 24 October 2017)


I took some pictures of the Super Moon on 13 November 2016. Read more...

(updated: 16 November 2016)


Squeaky is very photogenic.

(updated: 4 September 2016)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: camera

A phone camera does have it's limitations...

(updated: 3 September 2016)

Red Moon 2015

I managed to capture a few shots of the Red Moon on 28 September 2015. Read more...

(updated: 1 October 2015)

Flying Saucer Ballhead

Fred Hurteau's Flying Saucer Ballhead.

(updated: 24 May 2015)